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TwoAct has developed a unique holistic concept named Handle-IT.


Handle-IT creates the best possible conditions for good mental health and schooling for students. Research Institutes of Sweden has in a joint application calculated that our concept can save schools and children psychiatric care in Sweden SEK 67 million USD over a five year period.

The concept is founded by a Swedish counselor who realized that we need to complemt the way we work today if we gonna prevent development of mental health issues and addiction problems as we see today.
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If we are to help students graduate from school with approved grades and avoid them from ending up with addiction and / or mental health problems. Then we need to strengthen the school's work, strengthen the role of guardians and strengthen students' mood and study motivation.


TwoAct does that, and more.


TwoAct strengthen the entire system.

We give students tools to deal with sleep, school stress, study techniques, study motivation, motivate for physical activity, help with online vulnerability, strengthen their self-esteem, manage screen time, relationships, etc.

Through Handle-IT, the student is close to student health and psychological help.
We strengthen parents' abilities to deal with conflicts, create good relationships within the family and help create good routines around sleep, school and leisure for their children.

Through partners, families are offered private access to all different skills in student health.
We complement the school's student health through powerful tools, early knowledge of negative trends, self-reinforcing tools for students, continuously measuring the mental climate and moving student health closer to students.

Through Handle-IT, schools can gain student health competence during periods of severe pressure.
We strengthen the school's staff with a concept evaluated together with one of Sweden's largest occupational health care companies.

A wellness allowance for mental health, designed to strengthen the employee's abilities to deal with stress, anxiety. sleep, alcohol, self-esteem, etc.
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GDPR and internet security
- We follow GDPR, all user data is anonymized
- All developers and personal working in TwoAct are stationed in Gothenburg Sweden.
- All user data and personal data are stored in Microsoft cloud Azure that has some of the best data security in the world.
You dont need to be big to make an impact.
Part of Microsoft for Startups
Invited to China by AstraZeneca as one of Sweden´s most innovative e-health startups.
Preperad government funded research projekt together.
Funded by the Swedish government
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